Art Projects

A page to share printmaking and art projects.

Voices in the Garden

A collaborative project between writers, artists and photographers to produce a display and performance linked to the history of Wentworth Castle Gardens.


Printmaking technique:  individual mono prints based on the same pen and ink sketch.  These mono prints are essentially based on drawing as each image is individually created on the plate.  It is then passed through the press and a single image taken off.   

Waiting for Marco Polo

One of our favourite small squares in Venice is called the Corte Seconda Del Milion which is where Marco Polo was thought to have lived. This image came about as a result of some creative re-imagining of what it must have been like to be Marco Polos daughter waiting for his return from the Far East.

Photographic Screenprint with a painterly background.  I used a photographic portrait that I’d taken at a course at The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield.  This needed to be converted to blacks and white so that it could be exposed onto a print screen.  The background was applied with brushes in a painterly way – not as easy as it looked as I kept expecting the acrylic print medium to spread and it didn’t!

Graffiti on the wall 

Still in Venice, my attention was drawn to a girl with a suitcase who was trying to access one of these apartments.  When she was gone I noticed this graffiti on the wall and decided later it would make a good subject for a different photographic screen print.

CMYK Screenprint. this kind of screen print was achieved by creating four copies of the image as a colour separation, so one for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, which is the same process as that used by some commercial printers.  As each colour layer is laid on it is possible to mask off sections so that they don’t print in that particular colour, which adds to the individual creative possibilities for each print.  It’s also possible to print each screen with a different colour ink (not necessarily CMYK).

The way through the wood

These are still among my favourite prints and I feel they’ve stood the test of time,  The original stimulus was an outing along Lady Lucy’s Walk at Wentworth Castle Gardens where we watched a small girl trailing a rather large stick.  In the end the small girl had to go, but the sense of place survived.

Collograph Prints

The final print was built up from a two collograph plate background and foreground.  Collograph basically involves creating textures and shapes collaged onto the base plate to build up a picture (or abstract) that will hold ink and print.  I’d approached this image making in the spirit of experimentation and one problem with this approach was that I couldn’t quite decide when it was finished, so I printed lots and ended up with some sections  of print that worked better than others – hence the collage of squares. 

More to follow when I have time.