I’m a bit of a magpie photographer when on holiday and capturing memories is often as important to me as pursuing particular photographic themes.  So I’m starting with this simple story and over the next few weeks hope to share other sets of images that captured my imagination.

We’ve seen this building (above) from the lagoon many times, but when we came across this church facade  as we walked and saw another church building beside it we were completely thrown.  We spent a few minutes speculating about the two buildings when suddenly we realised what the building was.  That was largely down to Ann, who is much more clued up on the way the church cared for the sick and the poor in the past than I am.  How would you feel if you visited an outpatients department in a building like this?

… or if you arrived by ambulance!

… and what might happen if your bed delivery goes a bit wrong?  There was quite a bit of shouting around when this bed was delivered.  The boatmen wanted to dump it at the side of the canal and the purchaser wasn’t having that, `He’d paid for delivery’!  So the men got the bed up to window level by means of this very clever ladder which had a sliding attachment onto which the bed was fixed.

We left them as the new owner was still trying to get it through the window opening.  He wanted more help from the boatmen but I’m not sure they were playing.  We’ll never know now what happened next!

Taken from the bridge next to the hospital.

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