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October was by far my best month for seeing fungi locally.  Maybe it had just been too dry before then.  It always surprises me how good some years can be while in other years, same place and similar time of year,  I’ve seen very little.  Our closest bit of Woodland – Ayton Wood has been reasonably productive this year, as has Bagger Wood about a mile away across the fields.  Best of all was Hagg Wood, close to Wyming Brook and the Rivelin Reservoir.  Unfortunately I was a week or so late and the Fly Agaric were really past their best.  I’ve chosen these twenty fungi images out of several hundred that I took to represent the month.  I’ve given up expecting to name them all as many of them have chameleon tendencies and change their looks as they age or even with where they grow.  Instead, as the month progressed, I  became interested in trying out more creative techniques using small LED lights.

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