Along the sea-front at Skinningrove, hard, rough cut metamorphic rock from a Scottish Island protecting the soft boulder clays of the coastline from erosion.  I’ve always been fascinated by the etched marks left by the rock saw which appear as calligraphic lines.  I noticed a different kind of mark making as I looked during this visit, the painted numbers describing locations and the personal naming of someone creating their own mark on the landscape.

I’ve been drawn to create multiple image photographs of these rocks in the past as I was again last week, but maybe in a less than committed way.  Opening an RPS Art Monograph dedicated to the work of Kevin Marston and reviewing ICM images that I took in London in 2016 on a course with Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey, has re-sparked my interest in creating more abstract photographic images.  I’d like my ARPS project to follow a more creative approach to picture making rather than straight recording of landscape so it’s been good to look back and to reflect on the fact that the images I took in 2016 have more areas of interest than the ones I took last week.  (Sometimes you need a bit of distance from images to appreciate their worth.)  I think my more recent ICM photographs of flowers had influenced my thinking (or maybe half hearted engagement) with my 2018 photographs and that what works for flowers is not quite as strong when it comes to rocks!


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