A visit to South Gare on Teeside seems to have become one of our regular outings when we are in this part of Yorkshire.  I’m always drawn to boats and water.  I’ve never owned a boat or been a boat kind of person so I can’t really explain the fascination though I was very much a Swallows and Amazons fan as a child.  I think I’m also drawn to the industrial setting and bleakness of this landscape, which in many ways is at odds with the tranquility of the boats gently riding out the tide   I always find it a difficult place to photograph as the boats overlap one another and the scene always feels very busy.  Then there is the light reflected from the water and the white on the boats themselves, so quite a challenge to get the exposure right.  On this visit I thought I’d try to capture some close-up detail shots and if I’d brought my longer lens I might have carried on with this idea.  But I didn’t, so instead I picked out pairs of boats and tried several images as they turned in the wind and with the force of the incoming tide.

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