I’m looking back to August on this very wet Saturday morning.  Although I’d put together the composite images for the month I’d not got around to writing the entry to go with them.  I guess one of the advantages of a bit of distance is that I’ve already forgotten so much of what happened that the words will be brief (and I can always look back at my Blipfoto entries for a few more details).  So I’ll begin close to home and start with our garden where the Holly Blue was the star performer of the month.  I’m not sure it was the same one, but we did see a single butterfly on a number of occasions.  A mint moth made a repeat entrance again (our first was last year) and we did see a Gatekeeper which had to make do with a much smaller patch of Marjoram than previously.  I spent less time in pursuit of bees so there are one or two of the insects here that I photographed when looking for a Blipfoto entry.

My second collection features creatures we saw on our walks along the East Coast.  This provided me with an opportunity to photograph a different set of butterflies although the camera and lens I had with me wasn’t always the best one for getting close-up images. (I don’t carry the heavy camera and lens when walking socially).  The wall browns, that we saw between Staithes and Runswick Bay are rather special as we never see them at home, although they have been reported in this part of Yorkshire this year.  My third set of images were taken near water.  The dragonflies at Potteric Carr, the heron along the River Don near Meadowhall and the swans and geese at Ferry Meadow, Peterborough on a very dismal day following a family get together.

Click on the image left to reveal both images.

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