A woodland walk with a friend last Wednesday to check out the Fly Agaric fungi that Jan had spotted when out with her dogs.  We parked in the Rivelin Valley car-park, just off the A57, and set off up the path into the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Reserve known as Fox Hagg.  This is a lovely Birch woodland and yesterday the light was simply stunning.  I’ve not visited before and I was definitely won over by its charms, especially the extensive clusters of fungi, even though they are beginning to look a bit past their best.


In addition to the clusters of Fly Agaric there were numerous other species in the woodland and as I’m not very good at identification I’ll start with the ones I know.  So Birch Polypore, a Cep or perhaps a Bay Bolete (there were actually three of these all at an early stage of emerging), one possibly two of these are Amanita species – the same family as the Fly Agaric and then we get onto the ones I’m not sure about.  Maybe Brown Roll Rim and one of the Tricholoma species.  This is when I get into the territory of the `little brown birds’ kind of identification.  I do rather like to be able to name things but fungi seem to me to be particularly difficult.

I need to go back for a second look on my own now I’ve been introduced to the woodland.  It takes time to photograph fungi as you often need to clear away some of the woodland debris to get a clean shot and you can’t do that with a friend and two dogs in tow however well behaved they are.

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