This post is rather different to some of my earlier journal entries as I’d like to share some ideas and the way I was thinking at the time.  I think there were basically three things going on for me:


First, I wanted to recreate the mood of the morning, so purple flowers photographed against the light, with a wide open aperture, so that I could capture some light flare and possibly some photographic bokeh. Then I wanted to present them as a panel grid, so that the individual images would `talk to one another’ in terms of colour and shape.  And finally I wanted to explore the effect of adding coloured borders to each of the panels.


From time to time I’ve drifted away from the conventional camera club photo route to try out something more experimental and this represents a move that tries to capture `mood’ and something a bit more creative.  I’ve certainly been influenced by a new Facebook page aimed at women photographers called SheClicks and in particular the work of Glenys Garnett.  


Click on thumbnail for gallery view and perhaps choose the colour combination that you feels works best in this set.

One further idea I’ve been playing with is to use complementary colours in the grid of the images and as in the case of this set to include different viewpoints of this coreopsis plant. I particularly like the soft greens and yellows with a hint of blue and red.

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