There are times when things come together in our lives and set us off in a new direction and August provided both the stimulus and the opportunity to try a different approach to my flower photography. Something that I’d been inspired to do by photographs that were shared on SheClicks – a new Facebook Group for women photographers.

We decided to take a visiting friend to Brodsworth Hall, which is a special place for us as a family.  The gardens were looking stunning with red, white and blue bedding plants in the main garden in front of the house (my dad’s favourite colour scheme, though it’s a bit too garish for my taste).  And then, moving into the rose garden I spent time exploring the subtle colours in the herbaceous borders and taking multi-exposure images.

As an almost daily contributor to Blipfoto (an online photo journal), I tend to have projects running through different times of the year and photographing the garden has always been one of them, especially in spring and summer.  I’ve  worked with multi-exposure images before, but this was the first time I’d brought the two together using my Olympus, OMD5 Mk2 to superimpose one image onto another.  The individual images are displayed in my photography gallery and I’ve chosen to share some of my grid compositions on this page.


Click on a photo below to bring up the larger gallery view.
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