The award of CPAGB was the first photographic distinction that I tried for.  At the time it appeared that no one in Penistone CC had achieved the award, though I subsequently learnt that Peter had achieved it with a previous club – so I had no one to consult with in the club.  The people I asked for help at YPU had only their own experience of going for the awards, but that had been some years previously and we know that the standards go up and up. So they helped where they could, but were aware of their lack of experience at that time.  My images were sent down digitally to the Weymouth club, who were administering the award on that occasion, and we duly followed and sat through a nail biting session, especially after the image of boats in Whitby bombed so badly!  But I did get there – just, and was awarded my CPAGB in November 2013 in Weymouth.  We also had a lovely few November days on this part of the coast (a first for me) with some beautiful weather.

Just to add that the YPU now actively encourage Yorkshire members to go for the PAGB awards and that they have developed an active mentoring scheme that is run by Andrea Hargreaves.

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