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On reflection

On reflection

A different set of images today and images that weren’t taken with these final images in mind. Often, when we take photographs we are captivated by what’s in front of us and often focus on the whole rather than the detail. However, more often than not, it’s those details that make the picture. They not only add to the scene, but really make the scene special. My ‘On reflection’ images were taken from other images that I had previously edited in post production. Later. when reviewing and editing the images, I have seen these details that I think are stunning in themselves. On reflection maybe I need to look for these more at the ‘taking’ stage.

On reflection…

I’ve limited this set to five images. These were all taken from other images i captured over the last 2 years. All are the details of reflections in the water of scenes I was photographing. The images are from in historic docks across the UK…

  • London’s East End Docks,
  • Liverpool’s Royal Albert Docks,
  • The Harbour Docks at St Helier Jersey, and,
  • Newcastle’s Docks on the Tyne river.

Baltic Mills, Newcastle

The first image, and the main image above, shows a reflection of the Baltic Mills building. The darker diagonal band is the pedestrian footbridge across the Tyne river. The Baltic Mills building, constructed in soft yellow and red stock bricks, creates stunning reflections in the gentle waters of the Tyne.

London Docklands

This image, with the dark black inky waters of the Thames, is from London Docklands. This dock is round the back of Canary Wharf. With the many tall buildings around this dock there was very little light. The reflections are direct light from the sky above and the many square windows of Canary Wharf Tower. I love the strong inky black contrasting with the gentle colours and reflections here.

St Helier Harbour, Jersey

This image of the dock waters is from the Jersey harbour dock. The soft water with gentle ripples reflect the many cranes and gantries of the dockside.

Royal Albert Docks, Liverpool

The next two images were both captured at night. They are both from the historic Royal Albert Docks of Liverpool. Liverpool docklands has seen much regeneration over the last 40 years are are now a very popular destination for both businesses and tourists. The coloured lights around the docks are beautifully reflected in the black waters of the Mersey.
The first image was taken with a slow shutter speed. This allowed some gentle movement in the water and a softness in the final image. I sat the camera on a bench overlooking the dock to allow this slow capture.

The second image was taken handheld with a high ISO setting (ISO 3200). This allowed me to freeze the water movement and create a totally different image from the first.

… and on reflection.

This exercise has shown me that sometimes we need to spend more time understanding the scene in front of us. Taking time to working out what works in the image. All to often we shoot some images and move on. Maybe this is indicative of modern photography and the throwaway nature of our digital images.

In the days of film there was an immediate and tangible cost to each shutter click, I wonder, did this make us view and understand the photograph with a better understanding on the final image at the taking stage. Perhaps nowadays, we just rely to much on post production.


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On reflection

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