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A day at the show

A day at the show

A day at the show

Another Summer has passed and with it another day at the show; The Penistone Show, now in its 146th iteration.

Last year I spent the day photography Pigs and thoroughly enjoyed it. This year I was assigned ‘Home Crafts!’

Wonderful !!!

It didn’t take me long to fob that off onto someone else, but then double disaster, I ended up with Horticulture… Flowers!

Well at least it’s not the vegetables!

Mega Fail… Apparently Horticulture is not just flowers, it covers vegetables and fruit as well!

Saturday morning came and off I set to spend the day photographing all the pretty little flowers at the show and some raw veggie food!

Ok it’s not as bad as i’m making it sound, my plan was to get it over with quickly and then head off to the Pig Arena and muscle in on the action there (solid plan).

Penistone Camera Club

Penistone Camera Club, which I’m part of, support the show by photographing the events and competition entries and well as running a Photography tent and photographic competitions. To ensure there is good coverage of all the events individual club members are assigned specific zones within the show.

Penistone Show

The Penistone show is held annually on the second Saturday of September. The show is organised solely by volunteers and attracts an average of 18 000 visitors.  You can experience agricultural life through live machinery and craft demonstrations. During the day there will be competitive classes ranging from poultry, pigs, sheep, cattle, goats and show jumpers through to farrier competitions, jam making, handicrafts and flower arranging.

A day at the show – Horticulture

When I arrived at the show tent, I was greeted by a whole range of bizarre entries that various keen gardeners and alotmentiers had painstakingly staged ready for judging. Here are just a small selection of the typical entries, including…

  • 6 tomatoes on a bed of sand
  • a knobbly carrot
  • a red chilli and 4 green chillies
  • 6 beans
  • 4 potatoes
  • 3 stalks of rhubarb
  • a big onion
  • 5 radishes
  • A vegetable/fruit animal
  • One of those PomPom type flowers (probably not the correct term horticulturally speaking)

I’d say ‘Only in Penistone!’ but apparently this sort of bizarre behaviour goes on across the country!

Anyway, no time to waste, those Pigs won’t wait for me, so I quickly got my eye in and grabbed some images before heading of to the Pig arena.

Before heading off I did take the time to capture some images of the flowers and fruit baskets, and of course the serious aspect of the judging before the public were allowed in.

Anyway, aside from all my grumbling, horticulture does have some fabulous colours and is actually quite interesting to photograph, so I did actually enjoy the experience.

A day at the show – Pigs

Horticulture done, it was time to go and find the Pigs. I’ve always liked Pigs and the Penistone Show is my chance each year to get close to them without the usual barrier of pens or cages between us.

With the Pigs I’m quite comfortable being in the arena while they’re being judged. There is always at least one handler for each sow; and always two for the boars. Most handlers keep fairly good control over the animals, though you do have to keep an eye on them; they do have a habit of getting away.

As usual there were a couple of very close encounters on Saturday, which would have been very embarrassing had i got knocked over while I was squatting down at their level; the crowd certainly enjoyed me jumping out of the way when one pig got very close.

I do like to getting down to the pigs eye level; it makes the photographs much more interesting and ensures the pig is viewed with the correct perspective. However it does make me an easy target and a couple of pigs were quite interested in my camera bag.

So here are a few of my Pig images from the 2018 Penistone Show. The young lad is Alfie. He’s quite a character and someone who clearly loves his Pigs; even the ones that are much bigger than he is and not inclined to behave.


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A day at the show

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