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Eye by night – The London Eye

Eye by night – The London Eye

Traveling and working in London for a couple of days every week or two can get a bit boring; especially, when you take into account the 4 hour commute each way and the overnight stay. However every once in a while everything comes together and the trip delivers something unexpected.

Eye by night

Last weeks trip was one of those rare occasions where everything fell into place. First of all I had my camera with me; essential for some photography. Secondly, with the weather we’d been having, I was pretty much guaranteed an evening of good light; and maybe some good colours in the sunset. Thirdly, I was staying in one of my favorite hotels; The Park Plaza – County Hall and if I was lucky I’d have a room on one of the upper floors with the view over the city.

A night of photography and very little sleep.

The Park Plaza didn’t disappoint! I was fortunate to be upgraded to one of the penthouse suites on the top floor complete with balcony overlooking the city of London in one direction and The London Eye in the other.

The London Eye

I wrote an article a few weeks ago with Six images of Tower Bridge… One window, one lens, one night, six images. This focused on the changing light throughout the evening and into the morning the following day. So I thought I’d do something similar with various images of the London Eye throughout the night.

I was shooting with a couple of lens, 50mm 1.4 Sigma Art lens and 70-300 Canon L series lens on a Canon 5d mk.3 body. I was also shooting without a tripod, so with the low light-levels I needed to go wide with the apertures and push the ISO as far as possible without loosing too much quality. It was also very windy so slow shutter speeds were going to need patience and care.

The images range from 9pm through to 10:30pm, and then from 2:50am through to 4am.


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Eye by night – The London Eye

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