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City lights over Blackfriar’s Bridge, London

City lights over Blackfriar’s Bridge, London

Walking from the office to the hotel last week I managed to time it perfectly for the City lights over Blackfriar’s Bridge, London. A couple of new buildings on the southern horizon here; one nearing completion, the other still very much a building site.

City lights over Blackfriar’s Bridge, London

As the sun goes down the lights come on and the city lights up. Today there was the added benefit of an earlier rain shower to wet down the pavements and create some interesting reflections.

This was an almost magical time of the day; if the streets of London can ever be described as magical! With the sun was almost gone but just illuminating the glass of the new tower block and the streetlights and car lights lit up for the night.

The new tower block; One Blackfriars is nearing completion. this will be a total of 52 stories of retail, hotel, residential accommodation, and incorporates a 2 story viewing gallery at the top. Reaching a height of 170m it’s another building to dominate the London skyline for years to come.

It’s another building of the trend for more ‘organic’ shapes in architecture. This one is much more elegant than the hideous ‘Walkie-Talkie Building’ (20 Fenchurch Street) on the north side of the river and should hopefully grace the skyline rather than make you want to vomit (you can probably tell I’m not a fan of 20 Fenchurch Street!).

The photography

These images were shot with my Sony A7 mk. II with my Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens (Canon mount with the Sony mount adapter). I often carry this camera with me when visiting London and vary the lens I take with me. Sometimes with a plan of what I might shoot, and sometimes just to give me different viewpoints or constraints when walking through the same locations. The prime lens, I had with me this time, has given me amazing sharpness while still just about allowing me to capture the full height of the building; ok, so I have done a little perspective correction in lightroom, but generally not much else to finalise these images.


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City lights over Blackfriar’s Bridge, London

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