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Out, about and around Sheffield Station

Out, about and around Sheffield Station

One evening last year members of the local Camera club spent the evening around Sheffield Station. There was no brief, it was simply turn-up and see what grabs your eye.

Around Sheffield Station

If you’re not familiar with Sheffield Station, one of the most prominent features in the area is the ‘Water wall’ and water feature separating the walkers from the road.

Sheffield’s Water Wall (titled ‘Cutting Edge’) is one of the first striking features in Sheaf Square to greet travellers to Sheffield as they leave the station.

It’s part of ‘The Gold Route’ a gateway to Sheffield project, the water feature marks a walkway, flanked by an impressive fountain on the other side, from the station up towards the crossing at the bottom of Howard Street, where you can make your way through a nice redeveloped environment into the City Centre.

The Cutting Edge sculpture, weighing approximately 80 tonnes is one of the largest stainless steel sculptures in the UK and was fabricated by Jordan Engineering using Sheffield steel. Cutting Edge is a simple, elegant blade of stainless steel sweeping through the landscape changing its shape in a series of curves. About 90 metres long; at the top of Sheaf Square it is circular and a metre high; at the station end it rises to a height of 5.5 metres and its form is elliptical – appearing to ‘slice’ into the paving of the lower square.

Commuter Reflection

This image and the main image above show the reflection of one of the evening commuters walking into Sheffield. It wasn’t an intentional shot, rather than one I spotted in post-production and decided I liked.

Water Feature

As the light levels drop the lights come on and light up the overflowing water. I really liked the way the wall and lights curve through this image.

Cascade wall

The terraced wall and cascades of the water feature lighting the way to Sheffield Station. The last of the day’s sun can just be seen reflecting of the windows of the Park Hill flats building in the distance.

Park Hill, Sheffield

The Cutting Edge

Commuters at the end of the day. A discarded coffee cup and the blue lights leading the eye to the to the commuters walking home.


This is something a bit different for me. When I saw this I just liked the back-light casting shadows across the pavement. The figure and suitcase are blurred due to the slow shutter speed and low light levels; however rather than detracting, I think this adds to the drama of the image.

Reflection pool

Evening lights reflected in the pool at the end of the Cutting Edge. Just a gentle breeze to ripple the surface of the water breaking up the reflections of the lights and the evening sky.

This pool is often littered with rubbish from the day but today was fairly clear for once.

The Cutting Edge

The end of the Cutting Edge water wall and the reflection pool at the end. For me, early evening is the best time of the day to see/capture this. The distractions of the day are hidden in shadows and the beauty of the trees and reflections are set against the soft blue of the evening sky. Wonderful!

Watching you,
watching me

I’m not sure if the couple in the coffee shop were laughing because they realised they were in my photograph or at the girls choice of music. Whatever I liked the idea of me watching the girl while the coffee couple were watching me. For me mono suits this image and removes a lot of the colour distractions that would otherwise dominate the image.

Andy and Pete

Andy and Pete were just ‘shooting the breeze’ and enjoying the evening sun after a long day’s work. I was delighted when they asked me to photograph them; I’d been trying to get close enough to capture them without them realising anyway. I was rather pleased with the result and the muted colours really make the image for me.


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Out, about and around Sheffield Station

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