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About Me Photographer / Web developer / Cyclist / Walker / Craftsman / Bread maker

Ok, so I’ve got a few areas in my life that keep me busy when I’m not working in my main role as a Web Solutions Architect for an International Asset Management company (financial services to you and me). Although the core focus of this website will be on Photography, other aspects of my life will creep in and hopefully broaden the interest and scope of it; hopefully these will also be backed up by good photography to help tie things together.


I’ve always had a keen interest in Photography and took an evening course (City and Guilds Professional Practice in Photography) to develop my understanding and approach. This was back in the days of film and darkrooms where things took much longer than they do today where everything is instant. However, I do believe that to get the most out of both the camera, and your images, you still need to take your time both at the taking stage and in the processing. In 2016 I achieved my first accreditation with the Royal Photographic Society with the award of LRPS.

Web developer

Most of my work involves web development to some extent. It’s mainly in an architectural and governance role nowadays, though I still keep my hand in both professionally and independently. I do take on private/contract work and my approach is very much in enabling clients to be self sufficient wherever possible. There are many options for doing this and I am more than happy to work through these options with you.


I was always a keen cyclist when I was younger and have recently purchased a new bike under the Employee Cycle To Work Scheme. Having been out on it a few times, the bug has hit again and I’m now trying to improve on my overall performance. It’s quite poor at the moment, though I have to say it seems a lot harder than it use to be! But then, not only is it very hilly in Yorkshire, it’s windy and I’m just that bit older I suppose.


Sometimes life just gets too busy and you just have to get out in the countryside and do some walking to clear your head. Over the last few years I’ve done a couple of the UK long distance walks; The West Highland Way, and, The Dales Way. I’ve also done the National Three Peaks Challenge (twice). I have many more long distance walks on my bucket list including the mighty Pennine Way and the Camino de Santiago (St James Way in France and Spain), whether I’ll get a chance to do them remains to be seen; there just isn’t enough time!


I’m sure you’ll see the output of my endeavours at some-point, however as a teaser I’m building up a bit of a fan base for my wooden pigs, maybe in the future you’ll see these appearing online for sales. I also have many other projects ready to kick off, but again so little time.

Bread making

Having watched Paul Hollywood baking on TGBBO I thought I’d have a go at making bread, now with several books and various tins and baskets I make Bread, Rolls, Bagels, Italian breads, Pizza Dough (the Sour Dough method, and various Sour Dough breads. One of my favourites is an Olive Focaccia, quick and easy and full of flavour. I’ve still to master the baguette, ciabatta’s and pretzels but I’ll post the pictures when I feel I’ve had some success.

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