A collection of bits of writing, poetry or short stories.

Not often for anything specific just to share inspirations, develop ideas and experiment with styles of writing.

You Can Feel it in the Air: On Falling in Love (with Dance)

On Falling in Love with Dance: A stream of consciousness/poem and collection of thoughts from watching 'The Seasons Canon' by Crystal Pite and choreographing in my room late at night. From the first movement, the subtle beginnings of a sway I'm...

A Strange Still Life

I feel in a daze as a sit on the bus, letting music fill my ears and envelope my mind as I detach myself from the world around me. Gazing out the window dreamily watch the Oxford Road I'm so used to pass by, allowing the streets to become unfamiliar...

Dancing on Waves

It starts off as a drop.A drop of water,Tap turned tightBut sneaky silky flutters stillSeeping throughEscaping the orifice.Or,A drop of energy,Glimmer of inspiration, tingle of feeling.Starting off at the fingertips, taking over the whole body.Ripples...

Spiralling Into the Unknown

A collection of photos of Edinburgh and reflective bits of writing jotted down in stolen moments of quiet found in coffee shops, up hills, on trains in the midst of the craziness of the Fringe