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‘Who Are Yer?’ to ‘Halfway Between’

‘Who Are Yer?’ to ‘Halfway Between’

Image Credit: Nick Hillman LRPS (Royal Photographic Society) Think back to October 2017. What were you doing? Autumn was in full swing and indeed the weather was likely miserable so you probably spent a lot of the month inside. I certainly did....


Directing/Theatre Making

The Sky and Other Heights (WorkinProgress)

‘The Sky and Other Heights is a contemporary movement piece exploring ideas surrounding mental health, isolation and identity.

Through a blend of physical snapshots and poetry this takes a look at the soloist’s perspective on the world.  In this way, it’s a piece about the things that may feel unreachable and the boundaries that ensnare us but also about togetherness and how we support one another.’

This was a short dance piece (approx 20mins) performed at Antwerp Mansion 11-13th May as part of the UOM Drama Society Shorts. 

Directed/Devised by: Natalie Hillman. AD: Sofia Armella. Producer: Mary Sharples. 

Lighting/Sound Design: Natalie Hillman

Pravda By David Hare and Howard Brenton

First produced at the National Theatre in 1985, Pravda by David Hare and Howard Brenton is a satirical play exploring the role of journalism in society.

Following the newspaper industry in the mid-80s, Pravda uncovers the relationships between press and politicians, the manipulation of truth and the individualistic nature of the industry. With a strong ensemble cast you can expect a high energy, exciting physical take on this Fleet Street Satire.

Presented by UMDS at SU Council Chambers 22-24th Nov. 

Production photos available here



Halfway Between 'Stories of the Steel City'

A new piece of theatre sharing stories of Sheffield. Halfway Between is an intimate exploration into people and the places they inhabit. 

Using monologues, we are drawn into their spaces to see how they tell their stories and how in turn it is these stories that make these spaces more vibrant. In doing this, we seek to examine their outlook on the city just outside their windows. Ultimately, through reflecting on this we encapsulate how their memories interweave and make up the fabric of our city. Performed at Theatre Deli Sheffield Fri 6th July Directed by Natalie Hillman / Performed by Joe Facer / Written by: Natalie Hillman, Tom Jordan, Mitchell Vernals and Joe Facer / Music by: Harry Gold For more information: click here

Shadow/Assistant Directing

Abandon Ship by Edmund Phillips

Captain Rex Cunningham-Carr, a naval captain living in the shadow of his great Father, embarks on a 20-hour journey from Plymouth to Santander.

As he’s pressured into dealing with arguing entertainers and customers the ship begins its dark downward spiral, deteriorating and leaving them stranded at sea. It’s here, with nowhere to go, that the darkest depths of the human psyche are unearthed. Dipping into the absurd and terrifying darkness of humankind, this jet-black comedy takes you on an adventure, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

Performed at 3MT Manchester as part of UOM Drama Society Mifta Season

Directed by: Tom Thacker. AD: Natalie Hillman. Producer: Katie Rooney.

The Bare Project

Interned on Dangerous or Otherwise a site-specific installation at Southwell Workhouse- Sept 2017

Assisted director Malaika Cunningham during On the Outskirts rehearsals. Read more. Feb 2018

Took part in workshops/story gathering for ‘Everyday Myths’ – June 2018

Volunteer for Future Fantastic Festival and Acting/Facilitating role (The Bureaucrat) in performances on The Peoples Palace of Possibility – July 2019


Snow Queen at Theatre Clwyd. In December 2017, I went to Wales to shadow directors/rehearsals. Read More.

Neverland - The Guild Of Misrule

Observed several rehearsals in November at Theatre Deli Sheffield.

Producing Experience

Producer/Dramaturg for Can't Stop Can't Stop - SDT

Producer/Company Manager for SamDoesTheatre Can’t Stop Can’t Stop to Edinburgh Fringe 2018 (And Dramaturg for the show pre-fringe)

This piece was part of NSDF 2018 and brings awareness to the stigma surrounding mental illness, in particular OCD. As producer I aim to help facilitate a safe space to share experiences of mental health and engage audiences with the messages of this show.

During it’s Edinburgh run the show received a five 4 star reviews (plus a 4+1/2 star review and 3 star review from the Fest).

It was also shortlisted for 2 awards (Total Theatre Emerging Artist Award and the Mental Health Fringe Award).

SamDoesTheatre Website

Wild Woman SheFest18

As Marketing Coordinator, I took on roles such as sending out the press release and strategic invites, arranged interviews and built a website. Alongside this, I aimed to create an engaging marketing strategy across our social medias and website which could be fun, promote the project in a way that encouraged wildness and confidence and provide insight into ‘behind the scenes’. Through this I feel I was able to effectively engage our audience with the artists work, the message of being wild and sell tickets. (IWD performance sold out and overall over the two nights we sold over 200 tickets). Wild Woman Website Twitter/Facebook


New Writing Officer 2019/20

Currently New Writing Officer for the University of Manchester Drama Society Committee. 

'Who Are Yer?' Cardboard Citz/Age Better Sheffield

Click here for more info: https://indigomonkey.co.uk/natalie/2017/10/who-are-yer-cardboard-citizens-age-better-sheffield/

Theatre Deli Sheffield

Placement at Theatre Deli Sheffield during my Gap Year. 

Here I gained an insight into running a venue and its events, producing and programming, marketing and audience development through working here on a placement 2 days a week. 

Migration Matters Volunteer

Volunteer for Sheffield’s Migration Matters Festival in both 2018 and 2019.

NSDF Management Team 2018

Read my blog post about NSDF here.

Sixth Form Experience

Choreographer on ‘Oliver’ March 2017 – I used this opportunity to experiment with choreographing both large cast numbers and smaller dance numbers and enjoyed exploring how I could utilise the space and set e.g. using shadow screens and levels etc. Throughout Sixth Form assisted in the Performing Arts department in Y11 and KS3 lessons, KS3 Drama Clubs and dance clubs.

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