It’s nice out here in the fresh air…

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I’ve not posted much about photography, or rather about anything else either, in a while on this blog. Nevertheless, I have taken my camera out a few times this year on some country walks with friends and to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park back in April with my family. So I thought I’d take the opportunity in this lull to share a few photos that I’ve taken so far this year before endeavoring to pick up my camera a little more over summer and perhaps posting a little more here too. 


I went on a surprisingly sunny and warm walk in Edale with a couple of friends back in February. We meant to walk up Mam Tor but rather naively set off with just the free leaflet map from the information centre which lacked detail and walked a different route up to Back Tor instead. As a middle aged couple we passed advised, next time we will get a proper map.  

Disley and Lyme Cage

Alongside a few friends, in an attempt to escape Fallowfield for a day, during Parklife weekend I took a rather raining and soggy trip to Disley. The pub lunch at the end made it all worth it though.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Fletcher Moss

Find yourself a friend like my friend Mary, who will also be my housemate next year, and go for a brunch picnic with them in a cute park. 

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