A Strange Still Life

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Compositions | 0 comments

I feel in a daze as a sit on the bus, letting music fill my ears and envelope my mind as I detach myself from the world around me. Gazing out the window dreamily watch the Oxford Road I’m so used to pass by, allowing the streets to become unfamiliar familiar images. 

I arrive in Piccadilly and 3 minutes later have drifted into a building and up the stairs into Portico Library. It’s the kind of place that from above the street, despite its bustling nature, below feels nicely separate, a safe tranquil cavern. 

There’s a interesting disparity here where old and new ideas feel like they are blending, making it a suitable place for both the table of older ladies across from me gossiping and sipping wine on a Monday afternoon and me, the 19 year old student getting some space from a seemingly busy life. 

Tea is served in traditional quaint tea sets, the ones that feel delicate with flowers painted on and tiny handles that force you to hold them in a dainty fashion, with a little biscuit completing the saucer. Another touch that makes it feel warm and homely.

In comparison, between the tables and walls of books are exhibition cabinets, celebrating spirited women, a sign of their efforts to engage members socially. I like this and enjoy the banners with slogans such as ‘women change the world‘ adorning the shelves. I feel strangely understood here, without having to say anything at all, a quiet kind of connection to the space and people in it.

Finally, my eyeline lifts to the dome in the roof bringing natural light in through delicately detailed windows. I sit back and relax, cosy and drowsy, slipping yet again further away from reality between the pages of a book.

A strange still life.



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