Dancing on Waves

by | Oct 21, 2018 | Compositions | 0 comments

It starts off as a drop.
A drop of water,
Tap turned tight
But sneaky silky flutters still
Seeping through
Escaping the orifice.
A drop of energy,
Glimmer of inspiration, tingle of feeling.
Starting off at the fingertips, taking over the whole body.
Ripples radiating out,
Down the spine,
And eventually all the debris has floated away downstream,
Worries lifted
And I breathe easy.

When I want to escape I come to the edge,
Just of the water but as if it was the world.
In reality, it’s just a river
In a lost little wood that feels just enough away from reality.
I like the way it flows and the feeling of the breeze around me.
Sometimes, I dip my feet in,
And I feel the water trickle over them, it’s clear and sparkling blue.
Trail my fingertips through it,
Scoop up in my palm,
Watch it flow away…

Now I begin, to move with it.
Body in touch with,
The body of water.
Swirling, spinning, tumbling
Within it.
Swept up, elevated by current.
Dancing on the waves

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