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About me

Who am I?

I’m 18, based near Sheffield and currently on a gap year doing work in the theatre industry before going to study Drama/Theatre at The University of Manchester.


What am I interested in doing?

In the future I’m hoping to continue working in theatre as a theatre-maker and director. I’m particularly interested in creating theatre that is relevant to the world outside the theatre building, that is politically and socially engaging and thus challenges the audience and encourages the theatre as a space for discussion. Furthermore, I’m also interested in how as a director I could challenge the use of space and explore physicality.



What is this website for?

This website is a place where on the projects page I can create a portfolio of the work I’ve done or experience I’ve gained. Yet, its also a space for me to write about my interests in theatre and also photography. I really enjoy writing and having this blog to write about these interests is a great way to do this.



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In 2017 I started photography and am continuing to developing my photography by taking photos of places I visit, theatre rehearsals etc.. What I like about photography is the idea that I can capture my perspective and place focus on and bring out the details I find interesting.


 I love the atmosphere and excitement theatre can create. More importantly however, I believe theatre is so great because it has the potential not only to entertain but to provide a critical space to question/challenge the world around us. This section is a place where I share my thoughts on the theatre I see and give insight into projects I’m involved in


A more general category with updates about other interests and what I’m doing, reading and learning.

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