It’s nice out here in the fresh air…

I've not posted much about photography, or rather about anything...

You Can Feel it in the Air: On Falling in Love (with Dance)

On Falling in Love with Dance: A stream of consciousness/poem and collection...

A Strange Still Life

I feel in a daze as a sit on the bus, letting music fill my ears and...

Natalie Ann


Theatre maker/Director

Theatre is my main passion and what I’m studying at the University of Manchester. I’m interested in a range of theatre particularly pieces which follow social/political themes or explore identity and also love experimenting with using movement. I am also, more recently perhaps, especially curious about theatre that creates a sense of intimacy with its audience and challenges the use of space.


I occasionally post blog posts or some slightly pretentious poetry on this website. I use this as a way to record some of my experiences, interests and general thoughts. 


I became interested in photography a while ago and, although I’ve perhaps neglected it more recently amidst uni work and theatre stuff, I still love taking my camera out to take some snaps of the world around me. 



A collection of bits of writing, poetry or short stories.


General category with updates about what I’m doing, reading and learning.


A place for me to share photos (and thoughts) from places I visit.


Reviews, insights and theatre experience.

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