People, Pictures and Poems from Liverpool Street Station


Poem One

A woman looks for the answer on her train ticket,
Her feet set against the gentle tilt of the station floor;

While another eyes the departure screens, her face
Turned to the light and flooded with worry.

A man sits cross-legged amidst his nest of bags, head bowed
As his thumb scrolls through screens of messages,

While another leans against a noticeboard, his eyes closed
Against another Friday afternoon in Liverpool Street

John Gough 2017

Poem Two

The seating positions taken on these rings of stone steps
Tell less of any social hierarchy, only
Of the way we try to find
A safe distance between us.

He narrows his eyes as he chews and swallows
His duck and hoisin
Sauce wrap, his feet flicking at pigeons
That strut and bob too close,

While she carefully takes up her place
Beyond even the touch of his shadow,
Her eyes and identity safe behind a large pair of sunglasses
As she reads in the thump of the midday heat.

Two men in jackets stretch out their legs,
Seams tightening from the strain; their speculations
Twisting almost fast enough to stir a breeze
In the thickened, humid air;

While furthest away, a man wearing a tee shirt and
Faded jeans, grips his mouth and stares
At a text message, the phone shaking in the
White-knuckled ball of his fist.

In fifteen, ten or even five minutes time,
These players will have left the stage,
Sweeping any dirt or crumbs from their clothes, and
Shaking life back into their legs.

They will disappear into the rest of the rush,
And nothing will remain of the positions they took,
In this little side-show of Liverpool Street,
Over which gold-edged sheet clouds now rumble.

John Gough 2017

Poem three

No scurryings of collective purpose; instead
They cluster like the random access components
Of a circuit board,
The colour of their clothes, hair, shoes, and skin forming
Part of the flickering force-field of
A station concourse;
While the brick, iron and glass of secular architecture
Translates God-given light
Into the hum
Of a Friday afternoon in Liverpool Street.

John Gough 2017

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